"Laughter is the Best Medicine"
and we certainly believe that to be true.  And that is this month's challenge at Blogville Arts and Entertainment.

It's the first ever Blogville Comedy Film Festival and we were challenged to present a video ... now I cannot say that this one will make you Laugh Out Loud, or even laugh ... but I think it might bring a smile to your face (especially if you're a cat lover!).  It's especially good for birthday days, but also for un-birthdays, or maybe just any day you're feeling a little bit down and want a short (like about nineteen-seconds!) pick-me-up!  It was created in 2010 by my then very-young-grandson, and I've enjoyed it every year since!  Hope you'll enjoy it, too!  Meow! 

Enjoy many more videos today, just click here to visit
Blogville Arts and Entertainment.



Willow was our family dog before Dougie Dog came to be with us.
She crossed her Rainbow Bridge in October 2015 (posting here).

Just a short time ago, while cleaning up old photo files I came across
this beautiful photo of Willow which I don't remember ever seeing before!

Tomorrow is Caturday Art, we won't be taking part as we have a special post planned for the
"Laughter is the Best Medicine" Event going on with Blogville Arts and Entertainment.

So, we are posting Willow's photo today, our Art Gallery presentation for this week, just showing
her with a very slight "brushed" effect to enhance her soft furs.  Caturday Art is sponsored each
weekend by our friends Athena and Marie, you can join in or view more art, just click here



I'm always very thankful when Ms Peggy sends a new photo of beautiful Maggy.
And I will be forever thankful that she has given Maggy such a wonderful home.  
Of course, I continue to miss this lovely kitty girl, she was (always will be) my heart cat ~ 
but I know she is in the best possible place she could be, and so I am happy!

We're joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop,
sponsored each week by Brian's Home.


SUNDAY SELFIE ~ and an Important Reminder

A Sunday Selfie is, we believe, a self expression ~ so today, we are sharing (yet again!) some of our recent work.  Though done for blogging friends, these are expressions of who we are and hopefully we present "who they are" through our design work for them.  Below each group you'll find links to these blogs, if you know them, visit again ~ if they are new to you, enjoy visiting and getting to know them!  And when your blog needs a fresh, new look, I hope you will think of us.  Happy Sunday!

I also want to take a moment today to remind all pet bloggers about a very special blog, OUR RAINBOW FRIENDS.  This blog publishes once a month, usually about mid-month in memory of all our pet friends who have crossed their Rainbow Bridge.  It has been publishing now since January of 2012 ~ becoming a permanent memorial for so many beloved pets.  With many bloggers leaving the community of blogging for Facebook and other social media, participation and comments have noticeably declined.  This is unfortunate as our pets deserve better.  We encourage everyone to consider "following" this blog, so you will not miss the publishing date, and be able to leave words of comfort for those who have crossed the bridge.  As members of this caring community ~ this is little to ask for.  The blog is worked on day by day, month in and out by a friend to all ~ Linda C., of the blog Amber da Weenie, da Weenies of Florida who many of you know and love ~ and you know that Linda puts her heart and love into each and every image she creates for this blog.  We here at Zoolatry only promote the blog each month.
Also, when you become aware of any pet who has crossed the bridge, please let us know (it need not be your own pet) by sending an email to: our rainbow friends at gmail dot com.  We can then reach out to the pet owner for information and be able to include their pet on the monthly blog. Thank you for remembering and thank you for caring.  Pet memories for February 2017 have published ~ please visit.  Thank you.